The RuleSets available within a voice workflow vary slightly from standard messaging RuleSets to conform to the keypad input method.

Menu Selection

The menu selection RuleSet allows you to provide up to 10 menu options to your Contacts.

E.g. "To make a deposit press 1, to add or update card details press 2, to cancel last deposit press 3, to speak with a representative press 4, to replay this message press 5."

Simply type the name of the menu option in each blank space, like the example below:

Wait for Multiple Digits

The wait for multiple digits RuleSet allows you to collect information from a contact such as an ID number, serial number or phone number followed by the # symbol to indicate the end of the input.

E.g. "Please enter your member ID number followed by the # symbol."

You can choose select the Rule that corresponds with the format of the information you desire to collect. If the code you're collecting must start with a particular number, you can elect to run the "starts with" response rule to match that particular number.

Wait for Recording

The wait for recording RuleSet allows you to record a message from a user. The contact will hear a short beep, indicating they can speak.

Voice responses can be played:

1. From the results page accessed within the flow editor gear icon menu:

2. By clicking the phone icon next to the Made a recording events listed within each contact's profile page:

Note that your contacts' voice recordings will be stored in your flow results exports as links, which you can listen to by placing them in your web browser's address bar and pressing enter.

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