If you want to send more than the 330 messages/hour allotted by the Nyaruka Android applications, you can enable a bulk sender like Nexmo to send messages on your Android channel's behalf. Nexmo will enable you to send bulk messages in over 200 countries while providing an intelligent routing scheme to guarantee message delivery*.

*Check Nexmo's Country-Specific Features and Restrictions for your country before proceeding.

This configuration allows your Android phone to receive incoming text messages through its SIM card while Nexmo sends outbound messages using a sender ID that matches the phone number associated with the SIM.

To enable bulk sending:

  1. Sign up for an account with Nexmo. Make sure you enter the phone number associated with the SIM card of the Android phone you're using as a channel through our Android application. 

Note: Make sure your phone's on; you'll need to complete 2-factor verification to get to the Nexmo dashboard.

2. Locate your "Key" and "Secret" on the dashboard.

3. Within the account page of your Nyaruka, account, click "Enable Bulk Sending" next to the number of your Android relayer.

4. Click the Nexmo option, then enter your Nexmo "Key" and "Secret."

5. Top-up your Nexmo account to remove it from Demo status. You can visit this page to estimate outgoing message costs. With bulk sending enabled, you won't be charged for outgoing messages by the carrier associated with your SIM card.

6. Once enabled, you'll see a Nexmo icon beneath your Android channel.

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