What are credits?

1 credit is equal to 1 message sent or received via the TextIt platform. Note that sending emails from a flow do not use a credit!

When you sign up for an account (no credit card necessary) you will automatically receive 1,000 free credits to start testing out the platform. 

Create an account here: https://textit.in

How much do credits cost?

Credits are purchased in bundles via credit card on our webpage.

You can buy bundles as small as 1,000 credits for only $20 or up to 1,000,000 credits for $4,500. For purchases higher than $1,000, we can issue an invoice. Note that it is possible to purchase bundles even larger than 1,000,000 credits.

Keep in mind that larger the bundle, the lower the per message cost!

Does the cost of a credit bundle include messaging fees?

In short, no. 

If you connect a channel like a social media platform, such as Facebook Messenger or Twitter, or a messaging app like Telegram, there is no additional charge for messages, as these are free services. 

If you choose to connect an SMS aggregator/gateway or carrier, there would be an additional charge per message from whichever service you choose. Rates depend upon the provider and other factors. Please refer to your chosen SMS aggregator/gateway or carrier's website for their pricing information and which countries they serve. 

You can learn more about channel types and how to integrate them into your TextIt account here.

When do my credits expire?

All credit bundles expire 1 year past purchase date. 

You can see your entire credit history within your account page:

If you click on the credits section, you can see the bundles you've purchased, how many credits you've used, how many remain for each bundle, and the exact expiration date.

Want to top up your account with more credits? Learn how here

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