Do you have an application, like Google Sheets or MailChimp, that contains contact information you'd like to use in TextIt? By setting up a zap with your trigger application, you can start a flow to then reference and update external variables to be saved in your TextIt account. See more information on integrating Zapier here

Setting Up Your Zap

In the example below, we're pushing data from a Google Sheet over to TextIt via Zapier. 

Create a Google Sheets Spreadsheet

In this example zap, we want to push the variables Name, Age, & Hair over to TextIt, so we've created those column headers in our spreadsheet. We also want to send the flow over SMS, so we will use the contact's phone number URN, which must include the country code:

Later on, when referencing and updating the external variables in our flow, we will use the variable @trigger.params.variable_name. (I.e.,, @trigger.params.age  and 

Create a Flow

To be able to start a flow, you'll need to first create that flow! In our example, we want to reference the contact's name, age, and hair color. We do so using the variable @trigger.params.variable_name :

To save these variables to our contact's information, we need to use the Update the Contact action. Here's how that looks for our Name variable:

Setting Up a Trigger 

You must choose a Trigger in Zapier, which will push the data from your chosen external app over to TextIt. We'll choose Google Sheets, and then select our trigger, New or Updated Spreadsheet Row:

You'll then need to connect a Google account to your Zapier account:

Next, we'll choose the spreadsheet, worksheet, and trigger column. The worksheet is generally 'Sheet 1" for Google Sheets.

After choosing the sheet we want to use, we'll pull in sample data for Zapier to use in setting up our zap. To generate this data, use the simulator in your flow's editor or create or update a row in your Google Sheets spreadsheet.

The sample data will include data for all the fields (header columns) in your spreadsheet:

Setting Up an Action

After configuring the Trigger in Zapier, you'll be directed to choose an Action. We'll choose TextIt from our options and then choose 'Start Flow':

You'll then be directed to integrate your TextIt account to Zapier:

The following step will ask us to set up the flow template for TextIt. It will use the sample data we pulled in earlier with our Trigger set up. 

First, choose the flow you want to start. Next, add any extra fields to include in your flow start:

Click the drop down icon to the right of the field and scroll down to find the correct values . If you see several options, select the 'Rule Value':

To complete the template, you will need to choose whom to start in the flow. You must choose one of the options - contacts, groups or URNs. In our example, we want to start a contact's phone number:

*Note that for a telephone number URN you will need to type "tel:" before the green bubble if you do not see "tel:" already written within the bubble:

The final step to make our zap live is to send a test over to TextIt:

That's it! When we click 'Finish', we see that our zap is live:

To test our zap, we can add a new or updated row in our Google Sheets spreadsheet, and that will start a contact in our flow. We should see that the external variables we've referenced in the flow now use the contact's name, age, and hair color that were pushed from the spreadsheet: 

We can also check our contact's information to see that Name, Age, and Hair have been updated and saved: 

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