Need to update your account information? You can do that via your account page. 

First, click on your name at the top right corner:

Change Account Owner Name, Email Address & Password

To update this information, scroll down and click the 'Your email address is..." section:

Here, you can update the account holder's name and email address as well as the account's password and website language. Remember that if you've forgotten your password, you must recover that on the login page by clicking the forgot password link.

Click the Save button to update your changes. 

Configuring Your Reply-To Email

You can do this in the "Emails sent from flows will come from..." section. For a detailed guide, see here.  

Changing Account Names, Timezone & Date Format

You can change these details within the "Your organization is..." section:

Here, you can change the main account's name and slug, the timezone and the date format:

To update sub-accounts, click on the 'Manage Organizations' button to the right of this section:

To update the sub-account's name, timezone and date format, click the name:

Click "Ok" to save the changes. 

Questions? Send us a message via the support widget in the bottom right corner. 

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