After an Agent has resolved an open ticket, you can create a trigger that will automatically start the contact in a flow. This trigger is useful when you'd like to follow up with the contact, place additional actions on the contact, or remove them from a group.

In our example below, we had previously added the contact to a group called 'Human Handled' so that their messages to our human Agent wouldn't unintentionally kick off any keyword or uncaught message Triggers. After closing the contact's open ticket, we want keywords and uncaught messages to be handled appropriately again, so we'll remove the contact from the 'Human Handled' group.

Here's how:

First, set up a Background flow that includes the 'Remove the contact from a group' action. We want the flow to be a Background rather than Messaging flow so that it will not interrupt any other active flows!

Choose the 'Human Handled' group from the dropdown:

After the flow is set up, we can now create the trigger. Navigate to the Triggers tab at the top:

Scroll down to find 'Start a flow after a ticket is closed':

Select the flow to be started and, optionally, any groups to be included or excluded:

That's it! Now, when a ticket is closed, contacts will automatically be removed from the 'Human Handled' group we had previously created. This mean that their future messages will be properly handled by other Triggers you've set.

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